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Face 2 Face Advisors

We're Your Smart Growth Partner.

Join our network of over 250 advisors who trust our program to provide them with qualified annuity appointments and propel their business to the highest levels of success.

J.D. Mellberg Financial

A Different


F2F is the first organization that specifically provides advisors with pre-qualified annuity appointments and sets them on autopilot.

About Us

Taking Your Business To The Next Level

Our Face 2 Face program has been recognized by our advisors as the leading reason for their success. We use proven business ideas, world-class training and successful marketing campaigns to deliver exceptional results that are proven to help your business grow.

What makes us successful? The answer is simple.


Your success is the driving force behind our program. Face 2 Face Advisors is designed to deliver extraordinary value to your business by providing automated, pre-set, pre-qualified, annuity appointments while offering back-end business and sales support along the way.  We are the first and only organization out there that offers this level of support for advisors.  

Appointments on Demand

We are the industry leader in setting high quality, geo-targeted annuity appointments for advisors.  Stop reinventing the wheel, our program does all the marketing and delivers, automated, real time appointments on your calendar that have been fully vetted by our team.  

Complete Business Support

Why do so many advisors count on us to help them grow their practice? We focus on delivering targeted solutions, proven sales strategies, and time-saving technology that supports every part of your business.

Never Stop Growing

We are eager to share with you our expertise and knowledge in this industry. From our world class training events, to our powerful masterminds and business resources. You will learn from the best and will be empowered to do the same for yourself.

We're Good With Numbers





Annuity Sales
Annual Assets on Business Calendars
Spent in Marketing
Leads Generated

How It Works

We Do All The Marketing
Over the last 10 years, our industry-leading marketing team has driven over $3.6B in annuity sales for our advisors. Our multi-platform approach allows us to reach a wide range of distribution possibilities and reach a much larger audience.
We Speak With Every Prospect
Our team of highly-skilled professionals are here to answer every call and communicate with every prospect 365 days per year. We're here to answer your clients' questions and help them feel safe throughout the process.  
We Only Deliver Quality Appointments
All prospects have been screened and fully vetted by our team. Nothing gets scheduled until we give it our stamp of approval. We produce highly validated, quality appointments, time after time. 
Scheduled Appointments Are Automated
Appointments are placed on your business calendar and your pipeline is set to auto pilot. Our proprietary mobile app allows you to click-to-call for virtual appointments, or use our GPS functionality if you're meeting Face 2 Face.

We Don't Stop There

Educate the Consumer
  • Educational Books
  • Articles & White-Papers
  • Customized Reports
  • Informative Videos
Consistent Follow-Up
  • Follow Up Calls
  • Reminder Calls
  • Advisor Bio's 
  • Customer Support
Sales Training & Coaching
  • Personal Coaching,
  • Sales Tools & Scripts
  • Back Office Support
  • Time Management Platforms
Committed to Helping You Grow
  • Training Events
  • Virtual Webinars
  • Masterminds Events
  • Business Coaching
How It Works

What Our Advisors Are Saying...

Rebecca W.

“I never worry that I may be doing something that is not compliant. This organization maintains that doing the right thing is the only way to do business.”

Jamie P.

"Having product resources means that I do not have to spend countless hours drafting or editing marketing materials to grow my business. When something in the industry changes I know that someone is making changes to reflect what is going on in the market.”

Jessica C.

“They are here to help you succeed. Aim higher and they keep you going in the right direction. I have never felt so much support from any other company.”

Bobby J.

“The Tools provided have taken my business to a level that would have taken me years to attain.”


Contact Us

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